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If you are looking for the photo store, it has been discontinued.  Please see the next topic below.

Prints / Digital Images / Etc.

As a general policy, I do not have time to retrieve individual images for printing myself or for you to make prints.  This hobby already takes a lot of my time and managing this sort of fulfillment just takes too much more of it.  I hope you understand.  I used to have an image store, but for various tax, insurance, and other reasons I no longer sell prints or digital copies of my photos.  In case anyone is curious – over the years it was online, it cost about $1000 to operate and made about $50 in image sales.

Image usage policy

All photos are owned by Robert Dunnell unless otherwise specified and may not be used without permission, except as follows:

  • I do not generally license my photos for any commercial purpose.  This means that they may not be used in advertisements for your products or sponsored skaters.
  • Subjects appearing in photos may use those photos for social networking profile photos, albums, and other personal use as long as watermarks are not removed.
  • News organizations may use unedited low-resolution images for editorial purposes in print or online with full credit attributed as shown below.
  • In all cases, images should be attributed as follows:  “Photo courtesy of Bob Dunnell –”.  This attribution may be altered if your publication has another standard format as long as the specified information  is included.
  • My preference is that you do not use my photos for “memes” or “captions” or things like that.  If you are writing to ask me if you can do this, my response will generally be “I would prefer that you do not.”

But I really want your photo for my ad because…

  • …I am in it so you owe me
  • …My sponsored skater is wearing my company’s skates so you owe me
  • …I don’t like to pay for photos/don’t have budget for photos

This is the mean part.  I’ve heard them all and frankly I’m sick of it.  Being in a photo does not mean you own it.  If your sponsored skater is wearing your gear, great for them.  That still doesn’t mean you own the photos of that skater or that gear.  If you don’t like to pay for photos or don’t have budget, I would like to ask you how you can afford to give gear out, purchase print and online advertising, build sales booths and ship inventory around to tournaments, travel more than I do for work, etc.  I don’t need the money but a lot of people who work in derby photography sure could use it.  Please see them if you are looking for photos for commercial use, and remember that they should get paid just like anyone else who is contributing to your business.

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