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Hurry up! (and February travel bouts)

First, the good news:  a selection from February’s travel bouts are finally up (because I am a slacker): Arch Rival All-Stars vs. Naptown Tornado Sirens St. Louis GateKeepers vs. Race City Rebels And the bad news:  they took a while. … Continue reading

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Richard Simmons approves of this message (maybe).

It’s time we had a talk.  You’re just not moving around enough. If your photos were Deal-A-Meal cards, you’d have some serious nutrient deficiency.  And you know that if you don’t move around, if you’re not active enough, Richard Simmons … Continue reading

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Where’s MY picture? (and March local league bouts)

In this episode, we have some photos from recent St. Louis bouts: Smashinistas vs. Rebel Skate Alliance Riverfront Crimes vs. South Grand Slammers Rockford Rage vs. ARRG St. Lunachix You may note that the list does not include M-80s or … Continue reading

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Thinning the herd (and February’s local league bouts)

The quick news: the bouts from February local league are here: RSA vs M-80s Smashinistas vs. Stunt Devils The longer story comes after the break: how I choose what to put up and why the numbers on Flickr/Facebook from each … Continue reading

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2010 North Central Regionals – whoa!

My brain is still melted after Thunda on the Tundra, the 2010 WFTDA North Central Regional tournament.  While my favorite home team, the Arch Rival Roller Girls, did not fare as well as they had hoped, I think that they … Continue reading

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