Sibling Rivalry 2016 Video List

Here’s video from Sibling Rivalry 2016.  Please read below and remember, you get what you pay for!

First, a few technical notes:  Each day was recorded directly from the video switcher, so most of the games are uploaded as two halves.  Some of the games were recovered from an alternate device and those games were uploaded as whole games since I had to work with them anyway.

We were using a fairly new video switching and scoreboard system, so there are various video issues (scoreboard changing or disappearing mid game, a couple video cut outs).  Also, we have a clean feed from the announcer microphones, and the announcers were “house” announcers and not “feed” announcers so their announcing is probably not as chatty as you are used to hearing on some feeds.

Finally, thanks to Carmen Getsome’s dad Poppa Getsome for helping on so many of the games.  We had some GateKeeper and Arch Rival camera operators for a couple of the games as well.  The only game which had no operator was the very first one, I tried to do what I could in the first half with the switcher but was shooting photos the second half and thus you get what you paid for.

Here we go!

Day 1:

Day 2:

  • Game 7: Denver Mile High Club vs Minnesota:  First  Second
  • Game 8: New York Shock Exchange against Denver Ground Control: First Second
  • Game 9: Rat City vs Atlanta Dirty South Derby Girls: Full Game
  • Game 10: Puget Sound Outcasts vs TC Terrors:  Full Game
  • Game 11: Arch Rival vs Jacksonville:  Full Game
  • Game 12: GateKeepers vs Magic City:  Full Game

Day 3:

  • Game 13: Magic City vs TC Terrors:  First Second
  • Game 14: Jacksonville vs Rat City:  First Second
  • Game 15: New York Shock Exchange vs Puget Sound Outcasts:  First Second
  • Game 16: Atlanta vs Minnesota:  First Second
  • Game 17: GateKeepers vs Denver Ground Control:  First Second
  • Game 18: Arch Rival vs Denver Mile High Club:  First Second
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