Nikon Repair Experience – September 2015

In this entry, I will be keeping a chronicle of my current repair experience with Nikon.  The last two times I have had to deal directly with Nikon, the service was extremely slow (months to complete repairs) but this time it went pretty fast (about two weeks at Nikon).

2015-09-05: I found that my 300mm VRII lens was stuck to my D800 body.  After reading a little bit on the web, this happens sometimes.  I tried some of the “home remedies” such as tilting the camera in certain directions and gently trying to undo the lens, but it would not come off.  Everything still worked – autofocus, aperture, VR, etc… just the lens won’t come off.  Gross.

2015-09-09: I packed the camera in about an entire roll of bubble wrap and shipped it to Authorized Photo Service in Morton Grove, IL.  APS has done good work for me before, repairing a couple lenses and a crotchety old D700 that seems like it will just never die despite its various pains.

2015-09-16: APS informs me that they have worked on it for a bit but just can’t get the lens detached.  They recommended forwarding it to Nikon.

2015-09-17: APS did the deed and forwarded it to Nikon.

2015:09-21: Equipment was received at Nikon in Melville, NY.

Proof of delivery.

Proof of delivery.










2015-09-22: Received emails from Nikon with two repair cases.  Lens was estimated at $0 for warranty (here’s hoping) and camera was estimated at $225.  Approved the camera estimate, the lens estimate was auto-approved.  Status of lens is “SHOP” and status of camera is “Estimate approved.”

2015-09-24:  Status of lens is “Billing” and status of body is “Shop – Approved on 9/22.”  I am hoping this means that they got the lens off, the lens is fine, and the camera just needs a new lens mount or whatever (already approved this repair if so).

2015-09-25:  I received shipping notices that my stuff should be back next Wednesday.

2015-09-30:  I got my stuff back!  It works great.  The invoice for the camera says that they replaced the lens mount and release button.  The invoice for the lens just says that it was checked and cleaned.

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