Will trade photos for gas money

The derby photography business isn’t really a business.  It’s more of this thing where I throw money into a hole and some pictures come out.  It costs a lot of money for travel, equipment, insurance, etc. and this all basically comes out of my pocket.

This is where you come in.  If you like the work you see here, you can obtain copies of your favorite photos in the photo store.  I know some people do kickstarters or indiegogos or whatever the kids are doing these days, but I’m just gonna see if I can’t be old fashioned for a moment and sell some prints.  That way, everyone wins.  You have prints, I have gas money, and America wins the gold medal in awesomeness.

But why, you ask, would someone want derby prints?  I have helpfully made a list!

10: make a scrapbook.  or, cut the people out and make robot chicken type comic shows.
9: surprise some little kid when they ask for an autograph; rock their little mind over the moon.
8: give one to your derby wife with something sweet like “hearts, bitchface!” written on top.
7: photos make great presents for sponsors unless they fear potential idolatry.
6: buy a bunch and donate them to your league’s charity baskets!
5: hang on office wall, impress or scare coworkers.
4: 4×6 prints of mortal enemies are inexpensive and make great birdcage liner!
3: give to boy/girlfriend/husband/wife/derby widow, remind him/her what you look like
2: sign one and give it to your dad.  dads love sports!
1: sign another and give it to your mom.  moms rock.

Thanks for your support, and I’ll see you at a tournament! (hopefully)

P.S. in case you missed it:

— Click here to go to the photo store! —

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