Pocket Wizard Zone/Group Interoperability

Nerd time.  I bought a PocketWizard Plus III set to remotely trigger a camera.  Then I got curious as to how they interoperated, but there was no good reference on the PocketWizard wiki.  So I sat down and tested with a MiniTT1, FlexTT5, and Plus III.  And here’s what I found…

If you are transmitting from a FlexTT5 or MiniTT1 with an AC3 controller:

  • Set the Plus III to receive on whichever Standard channel the Flex or Mini is transmitting on.
  • A receiving Plus III will fire if its zone is set to a zone that is active on the AC3, or if it is set to zone D.  It will always fire if it is set for Zone D, even if zone A, B, and C are set to “off” on the AC3.  Note that the AC3 does not have a Zone D.
  • Summary: if you always want the Plus III to fire when the remote triggers, set it to zone D.  If you want to control it remotely with the on/off switch on an AC3 zone, set it to whichever zone on the AC3 you want it to listen to.

If you are transmitting from a Plus III to a FlexTT5:

  • Set the FlexTT5 to receive on standard channel using the Pocket Wizard Utility (uncheck “Use ControlTL for Receive Channel”).
  • Set the standard receive channel on the FlexTT5 to the same channel as the Plus III is transmitting on.
  • The FlexTT5 will respond if the zone that it is set to is also enabled on the Plus III.
  • Note that the FlexTT5 does not have a zone D, so if only zone D is enabled on the Plus III, the FlexTT5 will not trigger.
  • Also note that in this case, the ControlTL instructions such as power level will not be received by the remote flash on the TT5.
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