ARRG at Monumental Mayhem and upcoming stuff

Gary F'n Sinise

I.  Am.  Busy.  I went to North Central Regionals to photograph the Arch Rival Roller Girls on.  Here are their bouts from that tournament.

The tournament was crazy and fun and busy.  I had many photos featured on Derby News Network as I was able to transmit from trackside and get them shots during/shortly after bouts had ended.  I also provided material for the daily recaps posted at the Derby Deeds Done Dirt Cheap podcast.  But there’s more.

I don’t have time to go into a lot more detail right now, but I will have two more posts covering the rest of the North Central tournament bouts and a little bit of the stuff I shot at the South Central regional tournament.  One of the posts I want to devote to the off camera lighting that was provided for rental at the North Central tournament and why I think it is awesome.  It will hopefully lead into some insight on ambient light and backgrounds, both of which I have examples of EXCELLENT situations as well as REALLY BAD situations.  Sometimes even in the same game.  Maybe even in the same shot.

The other post I want to talk about my views on photography at a derby tournament.  I have been to quite a few and met a few people over the last couple weeks who had never been to any.  There are some pointers that I’ve picked up along the way that I will pass along in the second post.

The next few weeks are busy too – MRDA championships in October, the start of the Arch Rival Roller Girls local league play and the WFTDA Championships in November.  That’s almost 30 more bouts to shoot, partially or fully, before the end of the year.  This is why I am crabby.

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