August bouts and venue lighting frustrations, argh!

Today’s post brings you August’s bouts and a word about lighting.  First, the goods:

And then, a word about lighting.

The photo linked above is actually not from a venue with frustrating lighting.  It is from Kansas City, which has a venue with very nice lighting.  The track is evenly lit and the audience is several stops dimmer than the action, which gives a nice break between the two.  And, you can put speedlights on stands to add some accent, freeze the action, backlight for contrast, and generally make the photos more interesting.

But, most derby venues are not like Kansas City.  A lot of them have nasty gym lights or worse, fluorescent.  Fluorescent lights are green and nasty and make everything look green.  Gym lights flicker between yellow and blue – not fast enough for you to see, but fast enough for the camera to get seriously thrown off.  Also, a lot of places have really uneven light.  When they shut off every other light to save money or lower the temperature (I still don’t believe that one)?  That creates very uneven lighting, which drives photographers nuts.

This is why many photographers are now using off-camera flash.  But I’ll talk about that in the next update.


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