Richard Simmons approves of this message (maybe).

It’s time we had a talk.  You’re just not moving around enough. If your photos were Deal-A-Meal cards, you’d have some serious nutrient deficiency.  And you know that if you don’t move around, if you’re not active enough, Richard Simmons will start weeping and hugging you.  And while I’m sure he’s a good hugger and all, that might a bit awkward while you’re trying to take pictures.  So let’s get up and move around (at bouts)

Does this sound familiar?  You stake out your spot, and sit there through the whole game even though you have a sweet media pass and the ability to go all over the place.  Even if you have a sweet spot, you’re gonna miss part of the action anyway, so you might as well move around and get some different perspectives.  Your photos, your skaters, and your sanity will thank you.  Here’s why.

First of all, you’ll get some great perspectives that you can’t get from just one spot.  If you’re in turn 1, you can get pack lineups and some great straightway photos.  If you’re in turns 2 and 4 or thereabouts, you can get some great crash shots – especially if you’re coming out of the turns, where the angles involved make it easier to go for the big hits.  Get some bench shots.  Everyone seems to enjoy those.  If someone seems to be in the penalty box a lot, or never goes there but somehow has ended up there, then take a picture of that too.  It will allow them to properly be mocked on Facebook later.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to get out in center track, you can get some great photos there that you can’t get anywhere else.  Just don’t hog it or try to live out there the whole time!

Stuff happens off track too.  I always seem to miss a lot of that and I’ve been trying to do better at covering it.  Sometimes a fan is wearing something crazy, or has the league logo tattooed on their forearm, or their megaphone is turned on (KEVIN).  Or maybe you can get a perspective shot of the whole track, especially during setup when the volunteers that nobody even knows are there are working.  Or maybe B-Train has a Wicked Skatewear booth and is receiving the gift of a leotard from Adderoller.  Or Mayor Francis Slayer is standing in front of a food and beverage sign and you just need to trust me when I say that’s hilarious and if  you don’t, then you should just stop asking for my advice.  I’m just saying, weird stuff happens and having a fast camera means you might be able to catch some of it, even from a distance.  But only if you go looking for it.

About the only place I don’t take the camera is after parties.  One, I’m done working.  Two, I don’t want to be that guy.  Funny stuff happens but sometimes it’s best left where it happens.  I guess we’ll see what happens when I go out to Rollercon this year with regard to some of the non-skating events there.

Anyway, get up and move around the venue.  You’ll enjoy the results.  Really.  And Richard Simmons will be happy too.

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