Hurry up! (and February travel bouts)

Wrecking Bill says howdy

First, the good news:  a selection from February’s travel bouts are finally up (because I am a slacker):

And the bad news:  they took a while.  So hey, let’s talk about why!

So yeah, I know, sometimes it takes a while to get photos out and other times they just show up the next day.  It could be a combination of any of the following:

  • Real life work or other obligations got in the way
  • I was sick (this winter has not been kind to me cold-wise)
  • I just didn’t feel like it.

The last one is the one that concerns me the most and the reason I try to pace myself when editing.  When you look at a ton of shots all at once, you start to glaze over (at least I do) and lose the motivation and creative edge to do it right.  I have been lucky enough to discover a lot of tools that make my workflow easier, such as Lightroom and its numerous presets that let me pull photos in and apply some of the generic stuff that I do anyway so I don’t even have to do it.  But it still takes time – I’d say about 10 hours per bout to go through things and clean them up.   The upload is the easiest part, to be honest – I use Lightroom publish presets so that’s about 30 seconds of setup per bout to get them out the door.

Adding to that, since no one was taking any video this year I started running a video camera at bouts in turn 1 this year too.  So, it takes about 10 hours to get the video online and trimmed down to a DVD.  That’s not all time sitting in front of the computer, but I can’t edit photos while that’s going on either.  I try to do some of that overnight after the bout, then get the next one going while I go for breakfast on Sunday, but it doesn’t always work out right.

Anyway, that’s why it takes a while to see the results sometimes.  I am doing my best this year to not get burnt out like I did last year and end up with stuff that never really got the attention that it deserved (hello, Duke City and Cincinnati bouts).

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