Thinning the herd (and February’s local league bouts)

Black Market Baby ready to strike

Black Market Baby ready to strike

The quick news: the bouts from February local league are here:

The longer story comes after the break: how I choose what to put up and why the numbers on Flickr/Facebook from each bout vary.

The problem with taking pictures at roller derby bouts is that there is so much going on that you just end up taking a ton of pictures.  Some of them are pretty good, some of them are just kind of there, and some are blurry or messy.  After each bout, the memory cards go into Lightroom and I get to go through them all and figure out which category each photo falls into.  I’ve gotten pretty good at getting this part done quickly, albeit a little mercilessly.

Unless they have some artistic value somehow, or just look kinda neat or funny or whatever, the blurry ones get deleted.  The ones that are really awesome stand out and they get marked too.  Then I have to make a second pass through the ones that are kind of.. meh.  Maybe something cool can be cropped out of them, or they just need a little more post-processing, or something.  I try to go for somewhere between 50 and 100 “keepers” per bout.  This strikes me as a good number, where I can represent what I saw that night without just flooding a ton of pictures.

The rest (that weren’t totally blurry or whatever) get thrown into a library that I eventually manage to get on a DVD and over to the league, in case they want them.  I know some of the skaters like to look at them because they can use them for development purposes.  If I had a better gallery solution to put them up where they aren’t “published” I’d do it but I feel my work is better represented by a smaller number of quality photos than 800-1000 junk photos like I used to post.

The reason the old stuff from prior years is up in such quantity is a reminder to me not to do that any more.  It’s a hard decision to make sometimes but I really think everyone benefits by me going through them first.

In the next update or two, we’ll talk about why it sometimes takes a while to get pictures out the door and onto the intertubes.

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